Our company is guided by a set of principles, initiatives and management structures which enable an integrated vision and agile decision making process.

On a daily basis, five pillars drive the way we conduct our activities as well as they are reflected in our internal and external relationships.

  • Customer Oriented Approach
  • Human centred Design
  • Continous Risk Assessment Process
  • Compliance, Transparency and Accountability
  • Leading for Sustainability

Therefore we have implemented an integrated management system based on the international standards refrences of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001 and preparing to implement the ISO45001 in order to continuously improve our performances and better serve the parties’ interests.

Carthage Sky has built its financial strength on national and international standards, legislation and regulations. It maintains its social, cultural, ethical and humanitarian values through productive management and an effective approach towards processes, the continuous improvement of service quality, and the management of customer satisfaction together with their employees, customers, sub-contractors, partners and shareholders. 

Customer oriented

Customer focus involves understanding customer needs and expectations as well as meeting these expectations to enhance their satisfaction and fulfill our clients ‘needs.   

We believe, monitor and analyze customer satisfaction is essential for continual improvement. Therefore we make sure to conduct frequently customer survey, customer evaluation report on service quality, lost business analysis, claim and non-conforming analysis and report in order to ensure to deliver a quality comply service with our customers.

Our commitment to excellence in services and processes resulted in success stories with our customers.

Human centred approach

Our employees are our greatest asset, we provide a prosperous environment to learn and grow in the job. We value leaders who succeed through their people, creating strong, diversified and engaged teams. We work together to create solutions and make things happen.

 Our day-to-day activities require us to interact with individuals of various ethnic backgrounds, cultures, religions, political convictions, ages, genders, disabilities and sexual orientations. The diversity of our people is one of our richness, allowing us to benefit from a variety of professional and educational backgrounds and points of view.

Building and maintaining respectful and meaningful professional relationships by making constructive two-way communication, actively listening to others and engaging with people creates a positive work environment where we can enjoy our work, progress our career and develop our full potential.

Continuous Risk assessment Process

Our company has implemented an integrated Management system following the ISO International Standards.

We seek to ensure that our services are delivered according to the ISO 9001v2015, ISO14001v2015 and OHSAS 18001 following the Quality, safety & Security and environmental requirements.

Periodically, we conduct several evaluation and checklist inspection in order to make sure that our work is processing in compliance to the international standards:

  • Management Risk assesment related to each process
  • Hygiene, Safety & Security and Environmental Risk assessment
  • Quality Service Report conducted continuously to evaluate the quality of the service provided
  • Internal audit
  • External certification audit according to ISO standards
  • Annual Management review

Compliance,Transparency and Accountability

As we intend to operate all over the globe, we are subject to the laws of many countries and we must comply with all of them.

On a regular basis, we are required to complete an internal and external audits process to ensure that our Governance policies as well as our code of conduct is understood and properly applied to our daily activities.

The Pillars of the Compliance Culture in our company serve to guide all employees in the search for conformity.

These pillars represent important issues for our company and receive specific attention of our leaders, who must conduct their teams to guarantee:

  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations and commitments in signed contracts and agreements;
  • Obtaining licenses, permits, and certifications necessary for our operations;
  • The high quality for all external reporting;
  • The adherence to anti-trust regulations, anti-corruption law, and the prevention of fraud.

In case of conflict or uncertain situation about the application or interpretation of a law or regulation, we have a dedicated team who reviews and helps to take necessary action.

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

Carthage Sky Services is committed to conducting business with integrity and we prohibit corruption and bribery in all its forms. We must not, directly or indirectly, accept, request, offer, promise, grant or authorize a bribe, kickback, payment or anything that can be considered as such (gifts, entertainment, employment, contracts or benefits of any kind) to or from any third party that may or appear to influence action, inaction or a decision, with the intent to obtain an improper advantage, retain business or obtain undue influence over that third party’s actions.

We are all responsible for educating ourselves on how to recognize corrupt activities and ensure that we are not involved in any such type of activities, whether directly or indirectly.

Antitrust and Competition

Prohibited behavior includes discussions, collusion or agreements with third parties to, among other things:

Within Carthage sky there is a strong culture of continuous improvement and the staff is working in partnership with all stakeholders to achieve compliance and quality improvements in all work aspects.

Safety & Security

We place safety & security at the heart of all our actions to protect people, assets and the environment where we operate.

Besides quality, we strive to set and maintain a high standard for a secure aviation services.

At Carthage Sky Services we think it is important to be proactive when it comes to security. We take every opportunity to contribute to the decision-making processes of authorities and key organizations. By helping to develop best practice guidelines and continuous evaluation checklists we can ensure that our own policies and procedures are robust.


Carthage Sky’s management, along with its employees, support and encourage voluntary reporting and feedback from every work level due to the priority given to security and safety in all its activities. Management hereby declares that voluntary reporting is non-punitive and provides the following principles: 

  • Ensuring and seeking to raise operational safety and security, 
  • Applying safety and security management, 
  • Defining safety and security responsibilities, 
  • Defining safety and security weaknesses and managing risk, 
  • Communicating at the highest level, 
  • Establishing a culture of safety and security. 

Occupational Health & Safety

Through compliance with legislation and regulations, Carthage Sky aims to bequeath a healthy work environment by identifying risks to occupational health & safety, managing risk and providing sufficient, healthy and secure resources and sub-structure for our employees.


For us, sustainability means achieving our growth ambitions, in the following way: taking the present and future needs of society into account; offering eco-efficient and innovative services to our customers; acting in an ethical, transparent manner and in accordance with the laws and regulations; providing a motivating, healthy and safe work environment for our direct and indirect employees; supporting our local communities and encouraging their progress.

Data and Cyber Security

Carthage Sky declares a commitment to the following issues; 

  • Ensuring data confidentiality in all our processes
  • Protecting corporate security and trademark image, 
  • Protecting all information belonging to the partners, 
  • Providing compliance as defined by contract with third parties, 
  • Providing the sustainable continuation of the main and support processes without unwarranted lapses. 

Social Responsibility and employees

The social aspect is one of the driving factors in our company, this is why, and we have implemented a combined process, adding a social value to our environmental actions.

Through implementing in our company a waste segregation method to reduce our waste, we are committed to give our waste a valuable purpose, therefore, we give our segregated waste to waste collector NGO, to sell and to help its revenues schooling marginalized children or creating new job opportunities for recycling companies.

Carthage Sky, due to its awareness of social responsibility, aims to participate in the society in which it operates beyond its commercial interests. 

This policy is manifested through its employees who have full awareness of the values being put forward through their work and the regulations to be followed. They adopt the company values as their own, work to solve problems, share knowledge, willingly participate in teamwork, aim to improve and are always ready to take part in every kind of physical, medical or mental challenge